Spray Foam Insulation


Choosing a high performance insulation material like spray foam insulation is an important step toward making your newly constructed house feel more like your cozy home. Spray foam insulation has become one of  the most popular choices for builders and architects in regards to new construction.  The reasoning why stems from the spray foam’s high R-Value per inch, it’s ability to provide a tight seal against air, moisture and thermal conditions, all in one easy installation.

The traditional insulation products like fiberglass and cellulose are not the most effective products when insulating newly constructed homes. Those types of insulation break down over time, they fail to block air penetrations and often they are not installed properly. Spray foam from RetroFoam of Nashville is the BEST product available to insulate your new construction properly!   Spray foam insulation can be sprayed in a new construction, or in attics, crawl spaces and rim joists.  The best part is it never loses its shape!  Unlike fiberglass, spray foam fills cracks, gaps and crevices and won’t compress, sag or settle over time.


Closed Cell Foam

One of the greatest benefits of spray foam insulation is saving money on your utility bills.  Spray foam insulation acts as an insulation as well as an air barrier.  It seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement. This includes spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, and also where walls meet windows and doors.

Spray foam insulation fills all the gaps so the hot air stays outside where it belongs. Resulting in your heating and cooling systems running less often which saves you significant money on your energy bills!


Traditional insulation often breaks down over time, trapping dust and moisture, and resulting in the inability to  prevent air leaks.  If you’re building a new home, you can prevent that potential energy loss by installing spray foam insulation.  With spray foam insulation, it can prevent air infiltration by sealing all of the cracks and crevices where air may enter or escape your home.  With energy costs expecting to rise, RetroFoam is here to prevent those monstrous bills that are potentially looming.

Our spray foam insulation is also more environmentally friendly when compared to other spray foam insulations.  RetroFoam of Nashville uses a low pressure spray foam insulation which leaves less footprint on the earth.  

RetroFoam of Nashville’s spray foam insulation is the BEST option for you and your family as you are in the process of building your dream home!  If you live in Nashville and are ready to transform your newly constructed house into a cozy home give us a call, or request a  FREE estimate

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