Crawl Space Insulation

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Maximize Energy Savings  With Crawl Space Insulation

Most people don’t think much about the crawl spaces of their homes, but the state of your crawl space can have a huge influence on the comfort and long-term integrity of your home and your investment in it. One of the best investments you can make in your home is to insulate your crawl space with spray foam  insulation from RetroFoam of Nashville.

Crawl space insulation, in concert with appropriate water- and moisture-proofing measures adapted to your climate and your home’s physical setting (dry vs. flood-prone areas) is the best bet for long term comfort (think warm feet in winter), energy efficiency and maintenance of your home’s foundation. If your house was built before 1990, you may have very limited insulation in your crawl space, and perhaps none at all.

Best practices in the past 20 years has increasingly been to treat crawl spaces like basements — conditioned indoor spaces, rather than like outdoor spaces. Spray Foam insulation between the floor joists for more moderate climate areas, or in the walls and over the floors of the crawl space (over a moisture barrier) are the best bet for maintaining consistent temperatures in your home and minimizing the risk for mold and degradation of wood, concrete and other building materials.

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