Attic Insulation

Closed Cell Foam
Properly insulating your attic with either Open Cell or Closed Cell Spray Foam attic insulation can save you big money on your monthly energy bills! As if that is not enough, it will also keep your Nashville-area home more comfortable year round.


In addition to your exterior walls your attic is a major source of energy loss in your home. Most studies show that your attic contributes up to 25% of the energy loss in your home. When you combine that energy loss with up to 35% coming from your walls you could potentially be losing over 50% of your energy through your walls and attic – now that’s throwing money down the drain! RetroFoam of Nashville has the answer to solve your attic insulation problem!


The traditional insulation products like fiberglass and cellulose are not the most effective products at insulating your attic. They break down over time and they don’t stop the air penetrations. Spray Foam from RetroFoam of Nashville is the BEST product available to insulate your attic properly! Foam insulation fills all the gaps so the hot air stays outside where it belongs. Your heating and cooling systems run much less often which saves you significant money on your energy bills!  Our spray foam is also extremely environmentally friendly.  Here at RetroFoam we use a spray foam with a low-pressure system which leaves less of a footprint on earth, making your home more environmentally green.


Attic spray foam is traditionally applied to underside of your roof, commonly referred to as the “roof deck”. When applied in this manner it creates a sealed environment which keeps the hot air out. The old insulation is no longer needed so we remove it as part of our installation. Most homeowners start seeing results immediately after installation!


If you’re ready to begin saving money on your energy bills give RetroFoam of Nashville a call TODAY! Estimates are free and our customer service is unparalleled! To request a free in-home estimate, please fill out the form on this page or call our office at 615-647-9035.

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